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PuraShield Mini


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  • Includes power cord (12V USB), mounting mat, seat strap and one disposable four-layer filter cartridge with 6+ month filter life
  • Removes many aerosols carrying harmful viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and smoke from the air
  • Unique gas phase filtration removes toxic and damaging gaseous pollutants
  • Equipped with a filter layer protected by PuraWard™ technology using copper & silver ions†
  • Includes Purafil’s patented§ molecular filtration media made in the USA
  • UV light to kill many viruses and bacteria
  • HEPA filtration for harmful particulate matter
  • Ideal for cars
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PuraShield Mini Antimicrobial Car Air Purifier

PuraShield Mini in a vehicle on top of dash

Mini & Mighty

Take peace of mind to go with PuraShield Mini. Small and mighty, Mini does 4X the work of the leading compact air purifier. Its 4-stage system combines the power of copper and silver ions†, UV light and HEPA filtration to kill 99.9% of target viruses and bacteria*. Plus, Mini removes smoke, odors and harmful allergens.

Powerful Against SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

A recent study shows PuraShield media removes 99.46% of solutions containing SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.**

Meet Mini

Designed to pack a powerful punch, PuraShield Mini lets you breathe easier in enclosed spaces.
Reliable and easy to use, Mini airs the truth: The best things really do come in small packages.

PuraShield Mini in vehicle center console

The Best Things

  • Kills 99.9% of target viruses & bacteria*
  • Removes smoke, odors, allergens & gaseous pollutants
  • Protected by PuraWard™ technology using copper & silver ions†
  • Purafil’s patented§ media is made in the USA
  • UV light kills many viruses & bacteria

The Small Package

  • Compact, portable & easy to us
  • Mounts on dashboard, console or back of headrest
  • Disposable, replaceable multistage filter
  • 2 air changes per hour in average-sized sedan
  • Standard USB power cord
  • Quiet operation
Compact, Portable & Easy to Use

Mini is powered by PuraShield’s highly effective multistage filtration.


PuraShield filter diagram



Kills many viruses, germs & bacteria



Protected from many viruses, bacteria & mold using copper & silver ions†



Patented§ molecular filtration media removes aerosols carrying virsuses from the air, safely oxidizing the molecules while removing toxic & harmful gases



Traps larger particulate
matter, like dust & pollen

Tech Specs for Mini

Take a deep dive into what makes Mini mighty.

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Testimonial image

Protecting the Hubble Telescope from Microscopic Risks

When the roof of the Hubble Space Telescope Cleanroom was in need of repairs, NASA knew it could put highly sensitive instrumentation at risk. They needed something stronger than a HEPA filter — so they looked to Purafil. We created an innovative Purafilter to scrub even the most microscopic particulates from the air, protecting their equipment from exposure and corrosion

Protect your space with NASA-worthy technology.

Our Technologies Are Trusted By


Purafil, the leader in molecular filtration, has been making the world safer, healthier and more productive since 1969. For over 50 years, we've developed innovative products to offer protection and peace of mind to the communities we serve. Purafil technologies are trusted worldwide, protecting even the most sensitive environments. — NASA cleanrooms, the Sistine Chapel, the Smithsonian Institute and more.

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† Filter protected by an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive.
§Patent number US 9,370,763 B2
*Laboratory testing shows 99.9% reduction of H1N1, MS2, and Staph Albus in 2 hours.
**MRIGlobal Project No. 311686.01.001

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Lacosha J.
United States United States
Excellent Product

My car's air quality is better I can tell just by the fresh smell in the air.

Stanherbert B.
United States United States
Peace of Mind

Love this product. It definitely gives a peace of mind as a rideshare driver as a tool to help protect customers and myself. High and low levels are not as loud as one might think. Easy to use.

United States United States
Pura Shield Mini

The order was received promptly and it was well package. The mini works great. Feels good to know I am breathing cleaner air.

United States United States
No Road Trip Smell

I got one of these before heading on a long road trip with some friends. That usual road trip smell was never an issue! For that alone, I would recommend picking one of these up.

PuraShield Mini

PuraShield Mini