50+ Years of Innovation

Since 1969, Purafil has been setting, and elevating, the standards for gas-phase filtration technology. We have a passion for exploring parts unknown — our entire in-house research and development team is devoted to it. Every day, we strive to find new and better ways to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.

Our products are trusted to protect even the most sensitive environments, including NASA’s Hubble Telescope cleanroom and the Sistine Chapel. You can find Purafil technologies in thousands of indoor spaces across 72 countries.

Protecting the Hubble Telescope from Microscopic Risks

When the roof of the Hubble Space Telescope Cleanroom was in need of repairs, NASA knew it could put highly sensitive instrumentation at risk. They needed something stronger than a HEPA filter — so they looked to Purafil. We created an innovative Purafilter to scrub even the most microscopic particulates from the air, protecting their equipment from exposure and corrosion

Protect your space with NASA-worthy technology.

Preserving the Work of Michelangelo

When the Sistine Chapel’s HVAC system was due for an upgrade, Vatican engineers assembled a trusted team to make sure its treasured artwork was properly preserved — a team that included the experts at Purafil. In an environment that hosts over 2 million annual visitors, our air filtration helps protect Michelango’s work from contamination that could accelerate its degradation.

Sistine Chapel

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