The Power of Purple

When your PuraShield products arrive, you may notice a little purple or brown dust while unboxing. That’s because our patented§ filtration media is a unique shade of purple — in fact, that’s where it gets its power.

Sodium Permanganate (NaMnO4)

One of the key ingredients in PuraShield’s filtration media is sodium permanganate, a chemical compound that is — you guessed it — purple!

We’re industry frontrunners when it comes to this powerful purple compound. Purafil was the first to engineer, manufacture and patent sodium permanganate-impregnated media for the eradication of air pollutants. There’s no competing with Purafil SP — it’s the only air filtration media on the market that contains 12% sodium permanganate, increasing its oxidation capacity and overall performance.

What About the Dust?

During shipping and transportation, some purple or brown dust may become visible on or around the PuraShield filters. This is common and will not negatively impact your product’s performance. You can simply wipe off any dust with a soft cloth and operate your air scrubber as usual.

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§Patent number US 9,370,763 B2