Combat Wildfire Air Pollution

Don't be forced to breathe wildfire pollution

According to the USDA Forest Service, the days of “wildfire season” are over.1
Now, crews are preparing for wildfires year-round — are you?

Prepare for Wildfires with PuraShield HEPA Plus

Air pollution accounts for seven million premature deaths annually2, and exposure to wildfire smoke can inhibit a person’s ability to fight off respiratory diseases like COVID-19.4

The bottom line: Nobody wants this stuff in their body.

High-efficiency particulate filters are not enough — molecular air filtration is the best way to remove these dangerous pollutants. Whether you’re protecting your family or business, PuraShield can help you breathe easier.

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Health Risks of Wildfire Pollution

Wildfires begin in the forest, but rarely end there. If they did, smoke inhalation would be our biggest concern. But, they often spread well beyond the treeline. It’s when a wildfire reaches our homes and businesses that we are at risk of breathing in highly dangerous air pollutants.

When buildings and vehicles are incinerated by wildfires, they emit gasses that can have serious adverse effects on human health — and forest fires alone can release harmful gases that particulate filters cannot capture. Things like VOCs, formaldehyde and chemicals from flame retardants (like PBDEs) become airborne and can negatively impact the brain, reproductive organs, thyroid and more.

Wildfire Purashield Filter Layers

PuraShield vs. The Competition

Most particulate filters are made to capture solid particles floating in the air. They’re not designed to handle the much smaller gas molecules wildfires give off. Particulate filters can miss many dangerous gaseous pollutants entirely.

That’s why PuraShield’s molecular filtration is key. Our HEPA Plus unit has a HEPA particulate filter, plus activated carbon media to filter on the molecular level. The activated carbon has a porous surface that acts as a sponge, adsorbing dangerous gas molecules.

In short: Our solution provides better protection from wildfire offgasses than high-efficiency particulate filters.

The time to prepare for wildfires is not in the middle of one -- it's right now.
The time to prepare for wildfires is not in the middle of one — it’s right now. Don't be forced to breathe polluted air. Be prepared with PuraShield.

Avoid the "Out of Stock" Crisis

As wildfires raged across the Western U.S. last year, business owners and residents eagerly sought out air purifiers to combat harmful pollutants — but the supply simply couldn’t meet the demand for high-quality air filtration. Brick-and-mortar stores rapidly sold out of purifiers, and the online marketplace price gouged products, leaving many stuck breathing smoky air filled with dangerous pollutants.

The takeaway for these communities? The time to prepare for wildfires is not in the middle of one — it’s right now. Don’t be forced to breathe polluted air. Order your air purifier today so you can breathe easier during wildfires.

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Breathe easier with PuraShield.

*Laboratory testing demonstrated 99.99% reduction of aerosols carrying MS2. Copies of the full test reports are available upon request

†Filter protected by an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive.

§Patent number US 9,370,763 B2